Porcelain bowl which can perfectly serve as a saucer for an espresso cup, a stand for cutlery or a bowl for jewellery. Hand-made and decorated with 24k gold. Inspired by the majolica ashtray made in 1881 in the Nieborów Manufacture.

Since the end of the 19th century, in the palace complex in Nieborów, the Majolica Manufacture has been in existence, today operated by the descendants of its founders. It produces crockery and tiles, once richly decorated with plant motifs and landscapes in the majolica technique, i.e. painted with coloured enamel. Today, the Nieborów ceramists continue this craft tradition by modernizing the character of the products. They give a new colour to historical forms, creating a new artistic value which is friendly to a contemporary consumer. Designs, castings, firing, manual glazing and decorating are performed with meticulous care and extreme attention, matching the mastery of predecessors. Each of the products – crockery, trinkets, tiles – is stamped with the factory and manufacture mark (MPR with the princely mitre est. 1881) and a note: “Majolika Nieborów”, signed with the initials of the manufacturers.

note: Majolika Nieborów products are made by hand, so sometimes they are uneven in colour or form, which gives them a unique character.

Measurements:  3,5cm x 15cm x 10cm

Colour: white

Materiał: porcelain

Producer: Majolika Nieborów

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